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Thread: assman contracts to players.. some suggestions

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    27th November 2011

    Default assman contracts to players.. some suggestions

    firstly, leaving assman to do this is to save me the time as wding through 7 or 8 players indivdually is time consuming, and i can mop up any he doesnt get to sign.
    however, my assman decided to go out of his way to make jack rodwell my top earner with 70k a week. now my wage budget was already nearing max, after letting some players go, i would rather have him ask me first, as i had a player on a highest earner clause and as such it put HIS wages up as well.
    can we please get some sort of confirmation or the assman says xplayer wants a high wage contract, do you want to offer it yourself, or proceed with contract myself option would be nice. as the increase in wages there was insane

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    this is the problem leaving contracts with ass manager. depends on your ass managers stats and i have never ever let my assistant do contracts for first team. only ever under 18's and players in under 18 still get my runover before aswell to make sure my talent who can go on is signed.

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