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    I'd be interested to know people's thoughts on what makes a good BSN/S assistant manager. I'm having real difficulties finding one who doesn't annoy players if I choose him to run the team talk etc.

    Which attributes are most important at this level?

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    I went for someone called Dalton Steele, don't know much about him at that level its down to preference i prefer to judge players myself so JA wasn't that important also tactics i do myself so that was irrelevant for me, if possible go for someone young with a high Determination attribute, this means he will progress faster than the norm, however with minimal to non-existent budgets and local reps, your not gunna sign yourself a Ray Wilkins anytime soon!
    Good luck though mate, may i ask who your managing and who you have as Asst Mgr?

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    I'm managing Chester in 2016. My assistant is the recently retired "Lee Peacock" who is 10 or above on everything except coaching GK and Physio. Obscure rep. Funnily enough, when I was managing Droylsden (takeover ended that) I had Dalton Steele, who seemed good but I never really liked him cos of his rubbish coaching stats (1 on most)

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