I just made a new test starting with Legia Warsawia
and basically I edited with fmrte my team 20 speed and pace while everyone else 1 speed and pace
(it decreased and increased in both because of the current and potential abilities)
Then I started playing with Zero sea's v5 tactic
and these were the results:
Fulham 3-4 legia
Legia 5-1 Fulham
FC Twente 2-5 Legia
Legia 4-0 Twente
Thats only in Europa league in the league itself I am predicted 2nd
and for the moment
4 games 4 won
19 scored 1 conceded
I dominated every single game with 20 shots + in every single game and 70% + possession...
Legia is a good team in poland but very poor in Europe... I am gonna continue testing however it seems that pace/acceleration is one of the most important
or the most important attribute in the game.
I also tested fitness (natural fitness/stamina)
strength (stamina/strength)
by doing same as speed/pace
no "findings"

I remember in cm 01/02 position was thought to be the most important stat making you invincible in defense ... it seems speed makes such an impact
maybe if I only edit my players speed wise and leave the others "untouched" i wouldn't be that successful but its certainly an interesting aspect...
plz comment