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Thread: Player and Team Update

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    Unhappy Player and Team Update

    When is there going to be a player and team update FM2012 is a joke there still has not been a patch that fixes all the mistakes with players and teams from when the game came out with FM2011 the first fix was in November, we are now half way through Febuary the January Transfer window has been closed by 2 weeks give or take a day and again still nothing. I haven't been able to play this game as my favourite team because of the things wrong with the team and by the looks of it 2013 will be out before you actually decide to fix the problem. Though if your games are going to be this slipshod from now on then it might not be worth continuing with this series that I have loved for almost 20 years.

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    The patch will be out when its ready.

    Last year i think it came out something like the 8th March.

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