as you can see, tonight, fabio capello resigned as england boss. everyone wants interviews, with him. reports are he has already spoken to italian press.

now on football manager i could win several cups with united/barca/madrid/milan..... if i get sacked or resign no-one seems to care, surely the press would be all over me for interviews. welsh media wanting an interview as to why i resigned from world dominatin barcelona.

i mean if i did a interview after several years a club, become a fan favourate and then resign, it would be more realistic if i had a interview as to why i left. could say the chairman was a w**ker ect, so the fans would turn on the chairman for backing me.

this could lead to say if a new chairmen bought the club, wanted to win some fans over early on, re-hire a fan favourate there for winning some fans over.

thoughts please............