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Thread: New Update Crashes entire game

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    Angry New Update Crashes entire game

    Just installed the new update, on my ipad, and the updated version crashes every single time I use it, within seconds of loading saved or new games. I literally can't use it at all.

    I have a saved game in season 15, where I am the worlds #1 ranked manager and have won literally everything with Bath City & England. I also have another saved game where I have a 100% win rate after 21 games, and really want to finish that season before deleting and starting again.................I really don't want to delete the app and start over!!!!!

    Please please please fix this ASAP as I am distraught and frankly expect better from SI.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Many thanks,

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    Hi, we haven't heard of anything like this happening. Could you let us know which type of iPad and which iOS version you are running?

    It's possible that this issue may be caused by the game being unable to free up enough memory on the device due to fragmentation. Can you try fully powering off your iPad (hold down power button for several seconds then swipe to power off) and then starting it up again?

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