I know there's a thread already out there discussing the AI and bidding for players by matching the highest earner.

But I'm unsure whether this would be a bug or expected behaviour and I thought I'd open it up for debate.

I signed Jack Wilshere in the year 2016 for not very much from Arsenal, and there was a min release clause of 43.5m and match highest earner

In the Summer of 2018 I signed Mesut Ozil for 28m. And he got a wage of 160,000.

Then with that Jack Wilshere was set for a raise to 160,000 too.

Fine I though - but then Man City launched a bid for 43.5m and it was automatically accepted.

Now I couldn't get to talk to Jack Wilshere about renewing his contract, as his agent said he "Just signed a new contract".

But he didn't - he matched the Highest Earner, as his current contract is set to do.

Surely I should have the option to offer a new contract or to persuade Jack Wilshere to stay. - But I did not. No option available.

Is this worth posting in the Bugs Forums?

I still have the save file from when it happened.