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Thread: Problem with autosave when switchng from career mode to challenge mode

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    Gbr Problem with autosave when switchng from career mode to challenge mode

    i have been playing career mode for a while now and gone through 7 seasons and was doin great. i then decided to exit the game and try a new game with the challenges. i thought my career would be ok as it autosaves but ive tried exiting the challenge mode and resuming career mode but i cannot do it. all it says when i open the app is new game continue game and preferences. i click continue but it takes me to the challenge mode everytime not the career mode. can you please help me! thnks

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    If you want to start a new career or a challenge you need to save manually in order to keep the old data - the autosave basically saves whatever you are doing in your current session. We strongly recommend that everybody saves manually on a regular basis. I'm going to put in a request for an additional warning to make this even more obvious when starting a new game just to offer extra protection.

    The only way to retrieve the career save that you've now overwritten is if you've backed up your device to iTunes at some point - you would be able to restore it from there.

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