Hello and welcome to my attempt to once again share a career and a story to you lovely people of the careers forum! I hope this will be a bit different than most of the careers on here and add a little personal shine to it, just so its not a boring England save

The Plan (Sometimes I like to think I have a plan, but really I don't)
Bring the worlds attention to Australian football! Through this mod here I have included the state leagues of Australian football, ranging across the states. This will allow me to start off deeper down the Australian pyramid, and not start at a team in the A-League because the A-League is pretty boring

-Start in Western or Southern Australia, two states I have lived in
-Become a prominent Australian manager
-Manage in the A-League (Even though it is boring now, it might not be as boring on FM, and seeing as this is an Australian save, it would be stupid not to do it )
-Progress into Asia or South America (Two areas I have never managed)
-I might delve into Europe although this is save dependent.

The Save Itself

The game is being played on a large database, not sure how many players. I am holidaying to July 7th, 2012 to get rid of all the clubs without managers and others leagues I loaded at the start but have cancelled.

Argentina - Down to Second Division
Australia - Down to district divisions
Brazil - Down to third division
China - Down to First Division
England - Premier League
France - Ligue 1
Germany - Bundesliga
Hong Kong - First Division
India - National Football League
Indonesia - Down to First division
Italy - Serie A
Malaysia - Down to Premier League
Singapore - S-League
South Africa - Down to National First Division
South Korea - Down to N-league
Spain - Liga BBVA
Turkey - Down to Second Division

I don't want to set myself to updates on the dot, I'll make them when I feel the need to update, I play this game quite slowly and I'm sure will have other things to be doing

Thanks and enjoy Sax out