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Thread: My Captain Keeps Getting Sent Off

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    Default My Captain Keeps Getting Sent Off

    Just bought Frank Simek for my Sheffield Wednesday team in the Championship in my 3rd season. I've played 10 games and my new captain frank simek has been sent off 4 times. Is there any way I can sort his aggression out? It's only about 15 as a stat.

    Any ideas?

    It sounds crazy really.

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    Maybe it was a bad idea letting a brand new player take the captain's armband. If he's constatly being sent off who's left on the pitch to motivate the squad? I'd seriously consider giving it to a player who has been at the club longer with a good grasp of the squad's mould.

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    Oh yes... I've given it do a different player now. Really annoying though im even contemplating getting rid of Simek now.

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