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    Default Two quick questions!

    Hi there guys ! Haven't posted here in a while but have two really quick questions please as I have just been delivered the new Football Manager today!

    1- I am getting my laptop reset to basically start from scratch (get it to run a bit quicker) soon and I was wondering if I use my activation code before I get it reset will my game still be valid after it is reset if I install it again?

    2- How do I access my saves from the demo to transfer them over to the full game? I have tried this through the only ways I know (which is limited) and I cannot seem to figure it out so any help is appreciated!

    I am sorry if these have been posted elsewhere but I checked the FAQ and my questions weren't answered so I assumed it would be best to post this quick thread. Also I apologise if this is in the wrong forum, but again I am only just coming back and I am a bit rusty with all the different sections.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not sure about the activation bit, but with the demo saves, could you not upload them to a website and then save the links and send them to someone elses email or to yourself?

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    Copy your saved games on to something like a usb stick and then install the game. Once you've done that just copy them to the correct folder on your hard drive.
    Not sure about your other problem.

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    Thanks guys I think I will be ok if my laptop gets reset as the game is attached to your steam account isn't it?

    How do I actually access my saves from my demo though? I don't even know where I need to copy them if you get me? I don't know what folder they're in or whatever?

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    Should be on something like:

    Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012 Demo\games

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    Cheers mate ! Helps a lot!

    Anyone out there know about my first question then? I think I have a rough answer but just want to double check!

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    When you get your "new" laptop re-install Steam using your existing email address and password. They send you a simple code via email to paste in and you then download any games on your Steam account to the new machine. For many games you can just pick up where you left off but unfortunately FM savegames are too big to fit this which is why you have to copy them to a USB stick or similar.
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    Ahh ok , thanks very much mate, that helps a lot!

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    open up your demo version. click 'save as' and direct to a usb stick and save there. Then when you load the full game, instead of start new game, click load saved game and direct the computer to your usb stick again. I save to a stick because I use a laptop and a PC to play the game. I haven't had any problems so far. On older versions the Hall of Fame didn't update between computers but i don't think that happens now.

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