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Thread: The FMCU Forum Quiz 2012!

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    Default The FMCU Forum Quiz 2012!

    The FMCU Forum Quiz!

    This isn't a career thread or anything to do with Football Manager for that fact however it is all to do with the people of the Football Manager Career Updates Forum, so I suppose you could 'technically' say that it is to do with careers and Football Manager. What I can say, for certain, is that this thread is exactly what it says on the tin, well the title, it's a Quiz for the FMCU Forum users. How did this idea come about I hear you ask! Well, I was on B.W.G's brilliant career thread and I made the comment 'You'd be great at writing quizzes' to which he (I assume B.W.G is male) responded: 'I'd be much better at writing them than answering them' so I thought this has to be tested, who is the sharpest tool in the box? Brightest spark in the oven? Of the FMCU forum...

    I discussed the possibility of this happening on the FM Career Forum Discussion thread and it got thumbs up from a lot of people, so we then discussed the rules/layout of this quiz. I'd already given a guideline but I wanted other peoples input, seen as they will be competing in the quiz itself and here is the outline of the quiz:
    • The Quiz will last for 10 weeks with 1 round each week.
    • So it's 10 'Rounds' in total, each week being a round.
    • 10 Normal questions each round, each worth 1 point if answered correctly.
    • 5 of those questions will be on football and the other 5 will be general knowledge.
    • 1 Bonus question each week which will be worth 2 points.
    • The bonus question will be about the career thread of the previous week's winner.
    • The 1st week the bonus question will be on my career thread, seen as we have no 'previous week winner'.
    • If we get someone that wins 2 weeks running then the bonus question will move to the runner ups thread.
    Thank you to SnakeXe for the idea of 5 questions on football and the other 5 on general knowledge.
    Thank you to Makonnen for the idea of a bonus question being about the thread of the previous week's winner.
    And thank you to everyone who commented and put forward ideas, voted and gave me the thumbs up.

    The way this will work is, I will put all 11 questions up on a Tuesday, I will try and get them up between 4pm and 5pm (UK time), if not, they will definitely be up on that Tuesday. Then everyone in the Quiz can PM their answers (any time up to Midnight on the Monday) once I have got all the answers in and checked I will announce everyone's scores and the correct answers to each questions. I won't embarrass people by putting up their wrong answers

    The overall winner will be determined by whoever has the most amount of points at the end of the 10 weeks, this will be displayed in a weekly updated league table with information such as how many bonus points they have received etc.

    Now obviously, with this being on the internet you could technically cheat but really, what is the point? You're not going to win anything (I know I've just lost a lot of interest ) apart from pride of knowing you're a know it all, well a very intelligent person is the way I look at it. So don't ruin it and cheat. After all this Quiz is for the enjoyment of the great community we have here! *large crowd cheers in the background*
    However there are rules and here are those god forsaken rules:
    • No cheating.
    • You have to refer to me as the Quiz master.
    • Don't copy each other's answers.
    • If your pen runs out, tough should have brought a spare.
    • And most of all enjoy it!
    Obviously you don't have to refer to me as the Quiz master but please, don't copy each other's answers or I'll have to devise a seating plan and sit you boy girl.

    Please comment saying if you want to take part in this Quiz it would be great to have a lot of you and there aren't any restrictions on how many people can join. The closing date for joining is a week on Tuesday (for those of you who can't spare 30 seconds to work it out that's Tuesday the 17th of January) Here are the candidates that have already signed up for 10 weeks of torture, err I mean enjoyment
    • ShyBaldBuddhist
    • roganp
    • Flamers
    • Barney Butterball
    • SnakeXe
    • Deisler26
    • deltablue
    • iHeadHunta x
    • Lenzar
    • ssestig
    • City2000
    • MattSpurs94
    • B.W.G
    • hursty2
    • Makonnen
    • DazRTaylor
    • Scribe
    • AK22
    • SRL88
    • hrbfcrule
    • Nottingham Forest
    • kris0710
    • Nobby McDonald
    • Raware
    • jackripper
    • ManUTactician247
    • rancer890
    • TWalsh
    • cplpeters1900
    • Adelaidean
    • malikoi
    • Pangaea
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