I have been trying for two days to get game started, which I have been playing for over 90 hours!

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why?, can I not just click on the damn desktop icon and play, why SI do you make me use Steam? I dont want to use steam and I paid you for CD/DVD, surely this should be a choice? It should also be my choice if I wanted to update my game.

Looking through the many, many, many forums on this subject and after bleedy vaildating my cache a host of times and changes my blobby registry file, it looks like my game will have to be reinstalled.

To be honest it is not as if you have a perfect bug free game in the first place, now you have added this other nasty hurdle which is purely a profit making measure, but come on SI think about your real fans who will never by fakes but will be genuine - please gave us our choice back of not using steam - I want to be table to just sit and play my game without have to research why it isnt working every three months or so.

I honestly never thought I would say this but this really isnt worth the hassle and seriously think I will just revert to FIFA on the PlayStation, which really is just indicative of how SI is treating it loyal customers. I have played ever version of this game going from the very first Championship Manager, and I have never felt so despondent.