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    So I am way into my save with Malaga, I had a RAM who was russian and although showed great potential he annoyed me with his selfishness and his random shots into the side netting, so I decided to sell him, thinking, can find a new right winger easily. So off he went for a nice 40million...but then disaster struck, i could not rind a new winger.

    That was until deadline day, I saw madrid had GaŽl Kakuta on the transfer list, so i though, for 5.75mil he is worth a shot, even if its just for a season, he must of progressed well to get to madrid so cant be too bad. And boy oh boy what a shot it was, he came in and has cemented his place in my team. This guy is worth a signing if your planning for the future, get him playing on the right wing and hanging back on corners as this guy can score. Corner goes out to him, he doesnt pass back to corner taker he shoots and half the time finds the net.

    Has anyone else tried him out? I know at the start he is young but give him a shot, if he does as he is for me, you will not regret this. He has scored 12 in 23 for me, for a 31 year old winger who i was "giving a shot"

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    This is more for the good player and team forum mate, i think he has his own thread in there.

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