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    Default Patch policy

    What is patch policy this year?

    Is it strict like last years? We wil receive only two more patches and one containing data update?

    I know that SI will start work for new release around february but I would like that small team would continue to update old one untill release of new version.

    Also more frequent flow of data updates would be nice to people who play leagues that are played during summer. Is suck to start game with squad that is so last season.

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    Since we've had 4 patches already (wouldn't have been viable without Steam ), I'd say it's changed, but still expect the big ones.

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    I've been gone for a couple of weeks so I haven't been able to check the forums but has there been any word of an upcoming patch?

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    There has been no pre planned patch policy this version. There have been 4 minor patches so far and there will be a first major patch issued but at the moment, there is no news on the timing of this. First news will be in this forum when it is announced. There will be a data update as well after the January transfer window has closed.

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