Just played and finished a season in the Welsh Premier League, finishing top, W30, D0, L2, and winning the treble, which made it pretty easy for a first season with Llanelli. However, there are some issues:

1. In the Rules section for the Welsh League it lists you play 22 games. There were 32.

2. I had a 17-yo player on loan for 350pw, paying 100% of his wages, but in January he got a new contract of 900pw from his parent club. I got saddled with paying the entire 900 which was way above the wage limit and prompted moaning from the board about wages for the rest of the season. What if he'd got a really big contract?

3. I finished the season with 90 points (have a screenshot of it), started new season. In the history for the Welsh league it states the points record is Llanelli with 87 points. The goals scored is correct at 120 so it hasn't missed a game as such (there were 4 in the last game).

4. In my first season there was a Welsh team in the Champions League qualifiers. Now in the new season there are three other teams listed for the Euro Cup, along with Llanelli. However, when I look at the fixture list for Llanelli, it contains the previous season's Euro Cup two games I played in 2011 - as the results, dated correctly, but then followed by the friendly fixtures and first batch of Welsh league fixtures for 2012. I'll play on some more to see if this gets rectified by the actual first Qualifying Round draw or whether in fact, I've already been eliminated from Europe, based on last years games!

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