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Thread: Football Manager Handheld i - out now/today/tomorrow (depending on where you live!)

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    Default Football Manager Handheld i - out now/today/tomorrow (depending on where you live!)

    I’m incredibly proud to be able to announce that Football Manager Handheld 2012 has not only passed through Apple’s submission process, but will be released in your local region (excluding Germany, Brazil & Chinese Taipei, I’m told) around midnight tonight, depending on the server propagation for iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad (with iOS 3.0 or above), all in one package so if you have multiple devices, you can play the game on all of them.

    As always with app releases, we’ve been bursting at the seams to reveal what’s new in the game, but have had to wait until we passed all stages of the submission process as we can’t talk about new things until we know they’ll definitely be in the game.

    So, where to start?

    I could talk about the updated leagues & competitions, or the addition of the Welsh League and Conference North & South to be playable for the first time.

    Or I could talk about the improved user interface, with a graphical emphasis on newspaper items, sorting on the shortlist page, a transfer window rules page, visibility of future transfers and lots of tweaks to make this the easiest to use version of Football Manager Handheld to date.

    I could also talk about a couple of fan requested features – the addition of Facebook to the social networking options and “star players” which identifies the 3 star players in the squad.

    Or the ability to load & save shortlists and search filters, so you can share them with your friends.

    Or the dozens of other little features that will make your management experience easier and more fun, ranging from more media interaction, through to being able to automate sending players from your reserve team on loan. Or the improved match view.

    But instead of going into detail on all of those, I get to announce with a lot of excitement a brand new addition to the Football Manager series of games. Challenge mode.

    Challenge mode is a new game mode for playing Football Manager Handheld that allows budding managers to take on some pre-defined scenarios to see how good a manager they really are. You select the challenge, select your team (and with all of the challenges bar one they can be played with any team in the game) and see if you can complete it – similar to the challenges that were in International Superstar Soccer all those years ago. But then that really shows my age…

    So as well as the main management game mode, and the free car/station/stadium finder that helps you get to and from football stadiums, you now have another game mode. For no extra price.

    The 4 challenges that come with the game are…

    “The Saviour Cometh” – Your team are in a relegation battle half way through the season. Can you guide them to safety? *

    “Injury Crisis” – Your team have an injury crisis leading to most of your first team players getting injured. Can you avoid getting the sack by still putting together a run of results.

    “Unrest at home” – Your appointment as manager has left some senior players unhappy. Can you avoid being sacked before the end of the season by still achieving the boards ambitions?

    “The Invincibles” – You’ve gone on a long run without losing. Can you keep it up and avoid losing for the rest of the season?

    Which will you take on first?

    Oh, and before I forget, if you’re lucky enough to have Apple TV and iOS 5, you can now mirror Football Manager Handheld 2012 from your iPhone or iPad onto your TV screen, whilst controlling it with the handheld device. Football Manager on your telly!

    We hope you enjoy the Football Manager Handheld 2012 app as much as we are!



    *playable with any club in a league that has relegation.

    You can discuss this blog here:
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