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Thread: why so many cards to my player?

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    Default why so many cards to my player?

    I got a 5 star potential back/left back young player. Started playing him every now and then since he was 16, and he is now my regular on the first team at a age of 17.
    He started out being 'unambitious', but some tution by one of the older backs in my team his attitude changed and he is now 'quite sportsmanlike' (or whatever the english translation is, I'm playing in danish lanugage so making a guess on the translation).

    His mental stats are as follows:
    Aggresiveness: 8 <<<<=====
    Anticipation: 10
    Bravery: 18
    Composure: 11
    Concentration: 12
    Creativity: 8
    Decisions: 10
    Determination: 12
    Flair: 8
    Influence: 14
    Off the ball: 7
    Positioning: 13
    Team work: 16
    Work rate: 17

    Now, my issue is that for some reason this guy is my top 'carder'. In my champions cup participation I have now reached the semi-finals, and I realized how big an issue it is becomming when the champions cup player analysis touted him as the top carder with 5 yellows so far in the cup...
    Checking his statistics for everything this season, I can see he has gotten 2/29 red cards, and 14/29 yellow cards and 62/29 offences commited that warranted a freekick to the opposition...

    I just can't get those actual stats happening to 'fit' with his mental stats so if anyone could explain to me why this guy is getting so many cards while players in my squad with higher aggresiveness get less, I would be gratefull.

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    He could have a high dirtiness rating, I think that plays a very large part in things.

    Also, what are his tactics, generally? Does he tackle others hard?

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