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Thread: Australian A-League transfers + finances

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    Default Australian A-League transfers + finances


    Playing as Newcastle Jets in the A-League. As in real life, you are not allowed to buy players from the same division. In FM10 and FM11, after a season or so there would be a "rule change" which let you do it. Does this happen in FM12 also?

    Also, I think something is wrong with my finances. I negotiate with the board to increase the percentage of transfer revenue available to 75%, and then a week later it's mysteriously dropped to 30%. Why is this?


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    Maybe 70% is already going towards wages and associated operating costs. As for the former, you could try looking in the Editor at the competition rules.

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    I’m fairly sure you’re only able to sign players from other A-League teams on a free, or some sort of compensation. I’m not 100% on that one though. As for transfer revenue available, your finances have probably dropped to a dangerous or less sustainable level, thus making the board reduce the percentage of transfer fees given to you to spend.
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