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Thread: Stuck on 10th August! (PSP)

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    Default Stuck on 10th August! (PSP)

    Hi guys,

    Hoping someone can help shed some light on this glitch (from memory I had the same problem with one of the previous versions, may have been FMH 2010).

    I've just started my first game on FMH 2012 and I'm playing as Sampdoria in Serie B. Game starts late June and I'm able to get to 9th August 2011 without any issues. When I hit "continue" it updates to 10th Aug and the game then freezes.

    This isn't the same (I don't think) as the PSP doing its reset thing every so often as that would mean the PSP turning itself off automatically.....whereas with this problem the PSP just stays frozen and when I turn it off and on again, it's still frozen on the same page.

    I've tried all the buttons and the only one which works is the home button, which gives me the option to quit the game. I've tried to restart from 1 Aug again (as I use autosave) but keep getting the same issue when it hits 10th Aug.

    Can anyone shed any light here?


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    Could you let me know if you have other leagues running?

    You say the game started in June, did you use a different start date?

    Are you able to go on Holiday for one day and pass the date?

    Have you edited any data?


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