Is there any way I can control this? Basically I have a shedload of leagues loaded up, so a shedload of managers attending press conferences and a shedload of press peeps asking the same question, so I have repeated news items saying the same thing over a period of 2-3 weeks in Nov/Dec.

I've gone to the 'manage subscriptions' and the only thing I can see in the players list that might help is the 'media' tick box, but surely I don't have to untick every player on my shortlist individually just to avoid this tedious irrelevant news item.

So 60-70 managers around the world think "Messi could win world player of the year"? I don't care, tell me something new etc etc. But I don't want to bin him from my shortlist, nor do I really want to have to untick media in subscriptions for each player on my shortlist.

Can anybody offer a work round?