I have been buying the series for the best part of 20 years, but Steam is awful. Firstly I grudge having to install software from a thrid party on my PC to run a game, but I could get over that if Steam wasn't so awful.

> Its unresponsive - I have a i7 processor, very high spec PC and steam is still clunky on boot up. If you exit it, sometimes it loads again immediately, sometimes it's buggy and takes forever.
> It does little unexplainable things - I appreciate not everyone (or even a majority) have these issues, but no one knows how to fix them. For example, I cannot take a print screen from Fm when I use steam. When I try, it just copies the creen 'behind' steam, so the one I exit to when I minimise. FM11 works fine (I have it loaded on the PC rather than Steam).
> The biggest issue for me is that the genuine customers and fans, who have followed the series since it's earliest days are now being treated like potential criminals and forced to have software they don't want.

I love Football manager (and before the split, championship manager). I don't like Steam, so unless an easier way is found to copy protect FM, I won't be buying FM13.