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Thread: Who is the best AI manager you've seen in FM?

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    Default Who is the best AI manager you've seen in FM?

    In FM11 Quique Flores has been the toughest opponent I've encountered so far. He took over the Spurs job in my third season as Man Utd manager, and since then I've found it very difficult to beat him. He's the only AI manager to beat me at home in the last two seasons. He came second in his first season and fourth in his second. Before that he won the Euro Cup twice with Atletico Madrid and finished one point behind Barcelona in the game's first season.

    I decided to run an experiment in another game of FM. I used FMRTE to copy his managerial attributes and preferred formations to see if I could duplicate his success with a manager of a different name. I used Mick McCarthy and Wolves and over time they have become one of the best teams in the EPL. They are very difficult to beat using the Tic-Tac Magick tactics from these forums. The experiment is ongoing.

    The formation used by Flores and the Mick McCarthy clone was 4231, with two central midfielders, an AMC, two wingers and a single striker. Curiously, Flores' preferred tactic, according to FMRTE, is 442, with 4231 Denmark being his preferred backup formation, 442 as his defensive formation, and 433 as his attacking choice.

    Here is how the game describes him:

    Passing style - Mixed

    Coaching style - General

    Playing style - Direct

    Playing mentality - Cautious

    Marking style - Man

    In general what are the most effective AI tactics and strategies against other AI managers and/or against yourself? I'm looking to run more experiments on the ME using FMRTE by trying out different approaches with managers in the EPL and Championship. I've messed around with Paul Lambert a bit by making him an attacking manager who relies on flamboyant playmakers, likes to get his wingers wide, presses the opposition an allows free roles, and so far he is battering the opposition in the Championship. His attacking attribute in FMRTE is 14 and his depth is 12.

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    I'm only 3 and a half seasons in but I'll probably go with Mark Hughes. Since he took over Shakhtar he's consistently got to the latter stages of the Champions League and breezed the title in Ukraine.

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    Arsene Wenger. Arsenal destroys every save I ever do. Then he retires and they play like a 442 and start failing.

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