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Thread: Bug Reporting Guidelines - *PLEASE* Read Before Posting

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    Default Bug Reporting Guidelines - *PLEASE* Read Before Posting

    Hello everyone, we're glad you now have the opportunity to play and (hopefully) enjoy Football Manager 2012.

    As you've come to the bugs forum you've clearly found an issue you feel is a 'bug'.

    Now, before you post anything, PLEASE do a search first to make sure the issue hasn't already been raised. If you search and find it hasn't, look at the certain areas and decide whether your issue belongs in one of our sub-forums.

    For example, if it's an issue regarding the match engine, obviously it goes in the match engine. Likewise, if it's something to do with how the skin works (such as the buttons), then please post it in the 'User Interface/UI' forum, and so on.

    Also, please post sensible and clear headers for a new thread, if you post something like 'My Game is Broke' then it gives us no idea what your issue is and makes it harder to keep track of, please use something like the example below:

    [12.2.2] Wrong Player Sent Off

    Then when you create the thread, in the main body rather than writing long reams of text here (which can be very hard to follow) please keep each point simple and to the point.

    Start every new point/line with a hyphen followed by a space. This makes it a lot clearer and easier to read and again is easier for us when it comes to logging the bug in our internal system. eg.

    - The Quick Links not working are 'News', 'Calendar', 'Transfer Centre', 'Player Search', 'Tutorial' and 'Advisor'
    - All other Quick Links are working as normal
    - When mousing over the inactive Quick Links the mouse pointer is an arrow and not a hand, as is the case with the active Quick Links, so I'd imagine these just haven't been enabled yet

    For some of the issues we will need a save game so we can look into it and hopefully fix it - on other occasions we may ask for screenshots and PKM's - all these can be uploaded to our FTP. If you do upload something please let us know, so we don't have a bunch of random files we have no idea what to do with.

    Save Games:

    These can be found in My Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Games

    For issues related to news items, ideally we're looking for saves just before the issue occurs that reproduce. If not a save which at least shows it will always be better than nothing.

    PKM's: Otherwise known as saves of matches

    To save a pkm, in a match you'll notice when a match finishes in-game, on the match options there will be an option to 'Save'

    Once you have 'saved' a pkm, it will appear at My Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Matches


    If you hold 'ctrl' and 'prt screen' at the same time, open up MSPaint and 'paste' into it. The screenshot should appear. Then you can save the file as normal.

    Uploading Save games/Screenshots and PKMs to the FTP

    Details on how the FTP works and how to upload to it can be found by clicking HERE

    I hope this has made things clear for you, and I hope you can help us continue to make Football Manager a better game.


    The Sports Interactive Testing Team
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