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Thread: How ruthless do you tend to be with your players?

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    Default How ruthless do you tend to be with your players?

    When it comes to contracts, transfers, squad selection?

    I've recently decided to be quite harsh when it comes to contracts. For players I rate, I'll let the contract reach it's final year, then offer a new one at what I think is a reasonable wage. If they don't accept it, they're sold. Also, once I've decided I can replace a player with a younger/better alternative, I'll do it, regardless of what they've achieved.

    Examples. In 2015, Reina's contract was expiring at the end of next season. He was on about 88,000 a week. I offered him a new 5 year deal on 100,000 a week, and was prepared to go up to 120,000 per week. (We have a lot of money due to my transfer dealings, I could afford to give my entire first team squad that much and come in under the wage budget) He asked for 180,000, and wouldn't go any lower than 150,000. Plus many other clauses. I said no, and 2 days later he was on his way to Juventus for the hefty sum of 18,000,000(They'd been chasing him for a while). Got a young keeper who is almost his equal I feel and he's getting his chance.

    Also, as I've got a super talented young winger/striker come through who I want to see progress, but he had Bale in front of him. Bale has been world class for the past 3 seasons, but I decided to sell him to try something new, especially as the youngster always seems to score. So off he went after years of service, 35 million, see ya.

    As soon as any of my first team players have a credible challenger from the youth, the senior player's years are numbered. It's how I make my club filthy rich, sell when players are at their peak, but replace them with someone of equal/almost equal quality for a tenth of the price with a youth player I'd brought to the club 3-4-5 years previously. I focus heavily on youth. Saves me money on wages too.

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    If they ask for unreasonable wages, sold regardless of the price. If i can get a better/equalability younger player hes gone. All red cards are dealt with,2 yellows = official warning, straight red = instant 2 week fine.

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    I used to be unbelievably harsh, but this year I'm getting attached to all my players. I was paying 200,000 to a 35 year old Rooney.

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    If the player is easily replaced, I'll drop without a second of hesitation.

    If it's one of the stars at the team though, I'll tend to bend over backwards to keep them at the club.

    I do make exceptions for players who're regarded as legends at the club, i.e if playing as Liverpool I'd never get rid of Gerrard/Carragher til the day they retired.

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    I'm ruthless normally, but decided to keep a club legend who was 31 and not really good enough for the team any longer. Had been with me for the whole game, though - 10 seasons doing a good job.

    But the other players starting to close in on 30 years are disposed of mercilessly.

    Like the OP I rely on bringing youth up, and that 10-season game saw me replace continental/world class players with up-and-coming talent several times towards the end.

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    Very harsh.

    For that reason, I always have a good stream of newgens coming through my youth system to replace first team players, for whatever reason.

    Quite simply, when it comes to wages, I can save my club a fortune bringing young players through. It's often possible to keep them on low wages into their mid-twenties. Even by the time they're world class players with high reputations and plenty of international caps, they're earning a fraction of "named" players.

    As soon as I think my youngsters are good enough, I give them plenty of first team action, which in turn usually speeds up their development.

    Five seasons into my current save, more than half of my 22 man squad is made up of newgens. Of the rest, they're players I've mostly signed on free transfers, when their contracts have expired with other clubs. With those players, I can often negotiate wages down and if they don't live up to their reputations, I can sell them on pretty easily at a huge profit.

    I've just sold a central defender who's been with my club since the first season. Always done well whenever called upon in the last two season, which to be fair, hasn't been much in the last two seasons. Better young players coming through, so I decided to sell him. He was a fans favourite, has become a club legend and still has me and my team as favourites in his profile.

    I'll follow his progress and probably try to bring him back as a coach, if his attributes turn out ok. I do have a thing about bringing former players back to my club if their coaching attributes are good enough.
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