When I’m playing the game, I’m the archetypal “wheeler dealer” manager. Buying, selling, negotiating. Finding that young rough diamond, turning him into a world superstar, getting the best years out of him, then selling him for a tidy profit at the same time. Here’s what is in store for me this year.

Let’s start off with improvements to amateur contracts. And the addition of proper “non-contract” err, contracts.

Non-contracts are very similar to amateur contracts in many ways, in that the players are able to move freely to other clubs if they are signed on non-contract terms. However, these players can earn money with appearance fees and bonuses possible.

Non contracts aren’t just for players either – you can offer non-contract terms to staff too.

Of course, these options are only available to you should the team be likely to use them in real life, so don’t expect these options if you’re managing a top division club!

One thing many of the community noticed from the original announcement and screenshots from a few weeks ago was the “loyalty bonus” which has replaced the “signing on fee”. This has been changed based on feedback from both our agent and chief executive contracts, as signing on fees are now paid throughout the length of a contract, and not all upfront.

Another thing that was mentioned then was contract locks. These have a huge effect in the way that contract negotiations are done now, particularly when you’re on a budget!

Say you’ve got a limited wage budget and a maximum of 5k a week, yet the player you want is demanding 7k. Rather than getting frustrated going backwards and forwards without movement, you can lock the 5k offer, and the agent will then look at other ways to make the player happy, such as looking at some of the other bonuses available, or asking for a percentage of any sale on the player. Or they could just accept. Or walk away. But at least you all know where you stand in the negotiation.

There are some other tweaks to contract negotiations too, such as making it easier to withdraw or change your contract offer, including the chance to re-negotiate terms with a player after the agent has provisionally accepted, in case another club comes in for them that might be offering them more wages.

And you’ve also got the chance to have different minimum fee release clauses, for higher division clubs, domestic clubs and foreign clubs, as well as a new contract clause – “pay increase after x international caps”.
What about when players don’t want to be at your club anymore?

We’ve increased the chances that players might ask for mutual terminations, such as when a team gets relegated, or if they are near the end of their contracts and transfer listed.

You can also, via a conversation, issue an ultimatum to a player who hasn’t agreed a new contract with you in the last year of their contract to sign, or they’ll be put on the transfer list.

And also via a conversation, can tell a player why you’re transfer listing them.

A change with agents sees them better servicing the needs of the club – if you suggest that you’re looking for a new goalkeeper in a press conference, for example, then expect to be offered more goalkeepers from agents.

You also now get much better feedback in the game on why a club that was interested might not put in a bid for a player.

As mentioned in the blog that included the news merge, I wrote about the revamp of the transfer centre.

This really now has become the hub from where you sell players – rather than it just having basic information there, it now has more information by default, and by clicking on the more info button, opens up to give you the full information on the screen. It’s really easy to compare all the different offers, and you can accept, reject or negotiate, them directly from the transfer centre screen, either grouped together, or separately.

That's it for today - I hope you all have lovely weekends, and I'll be back with another blog on Monday.

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