For years now, each new FM has been subjected to many threads/arguments about whether SI should include a so called "personal life" in the build up to release. I have always been against it until FM11.

I always thought that earning a contract and winning trophies was more rewarding than any virtual sports car. However, in the wake of FM12, I have to say I would be interested to see some things implemented in this area. I'm not talkin houses, cars, boats etc. I mean more like building your qualifications and skills. Paying for courses to learn certain skills that can improve areas such as your scouting ability, your coaching effectiveness, communication with staff and players, tactical awareness, and best of all I think would be negotiation skills.

Imagine being able to work your way up through the ranks, starting as a level 2 coach that a low league chairman has taken a punt on hiring, only for you to turn out to be the find of the century as you build up your coaching badges aiming towards your pro license and leading the team to greatness.

It's the sort of thing I would love to see, and like I said, I know this topic ruffles a few feathers, but it would be great to see a football manager game that pays a little more attention to the 'manager' part, rather than all about the 'football' part.

Before the rants begin, there could be an option in 'preferences' to turn this feature off for those who wanted to stick to just the football.

I enjoy the game as it is, and I think that it has come on a long way. There are no real major fixes requoted so a new feature such as this may bring something different.

Just an idea

Opent to criticism, but keep it fair it's only an opinion at the end of the day.