This challenge is to become the best player in the world. Original? Maybe not. But this does have a few perks of its own, shown below. You will create a player using the template I provided below, filling out the template to the best of your ability. After that, we'll get the show on the road. As soon as I create the players, probably in three or four hours, I will post my first update under a new thread. This one is purely for signups and rules. If you would like to join, don't hesitate to fill out the template. I'll accept absolutely anyone. The challenge will start now and last about 20 to 22 years. I will be providing regular updates, even showing some of the amazing goals you guys have scored or perhaps your current record.

What's different?
I'm sure all of you have read the overview of this post and thought to yourselves, "What's different?" We already have some threads like this such as Glennuk's amazing "Can you become THE most expensive player - Game Thread" and Charlesbeams brilliant "Avoid the Drop 2.0." Yes, they already exist. You may be wondering why I have decided to make this if we already have some good threads like those. I can provide you with a multitude of reasons how this one has a different "objective", as you might say.

  • All leagues are loaded. How much time will this take? Who knows. I've started many saves with all of the leagues loaded and it's been a blast, I'd love to see the exact stats of the people's teams and how they've been doing in the league, rather then some who have just a few leagues loaded such as maybe England, Spain, Italy, and Germany or whatnot.
  • Your abilities will be predetermined. You, however, will pick your name, birthdate (you are automatically fifteen), foot (left or right), position, and nationalities. The stats will be completely predertmined using FMRTE's Wonderkid stats generator. I will click this and whatever stats you happen to get, you get. No changing it around.
  • This one has a bit different "backstory" then some of the others. This one consists of how many trophies you can rack up over the years, and how good your player becomes.
  • I will be able to provide ANYTHING you want to know about your player. Statistics, goals, even videos of the goals scored!
  • "Will you be the next Messi?" The game will use real players, not something I'm used to doing, as I always seem to use a regen database. However, you will be a regen.


How frequently will you post updates?
I will post updates as much as I can (probably every day). I will be away on vacation on the 18th through the 24th (of May), but I will probably send myself the save and work on it there for you guys.

What can we ask you for regarding our players?
You can ask absolutely anything and I'd be happy to post it. I'll also keep a close eye out for any amazing goals that I'd like to show you. I'll regularly update the team you are on, the transfers, and the awards, as well as a few goals and stats mixed in.

How is the "winner" decided?
I will take in account the number of awards won, the record of the player, what teams he has been on, how great his team has done, and how well he has done for his team.

Players (Profiles will be released during the player's update)
glennuk - Glenn Crane
toon_balmy - Arthur Toon
Cuddlefish - Egudy Knebl
Barry the Second - King Tikki-Man
Flamers - Matt Flamers
Time^- - Chili Macgyver
Braundjoh - Eric Shinn
jamie. - Jam Wam
MattieCoopz - Matthew Cooper
BtahtheZone - Jamie Reynolds
as260191 - Joćo Tchiaka
JohnTerry26 - Igor Kešina
bergtaur - Domagoj Zupan
manutdfan4lyf - Tyrese Akdudwengo
Lower Leagues Rule - Des Tiny
Stonini90 - Andreas Stonini
ggrive - Oleguer Armengol
UAF_85 - Shaz Ali
1690tommy1690 - Thomas Weir
Makalele - Jeffrey Amankwah
pindihu - Georginho
letissierandhenryaregreat - Curtis Phoenix
YBK - Yakup Barış Kaşıkırık

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