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    With Everton, and am 2 million over my allowed wage budget after signing 2 expensive players. I have off-loaded some of the players but still have a 2mill shortfall. I have tried to loan players out and to offered some of the players I dont need but cant seem to get rid of them, even when set to not neeed.
    The question is will the board sack me for been 2mill over, I have normally ran a tight ship with regards to the budgets of the clubs I have managed but wanted to buy the current England centre back to partner my other England centre back along with the England goalie to help my leaky defence

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    I think they might sack you for buying an English centre half and an English goalkeeper to sort your defence out before the wage budget thing

    In all seriousness though, have a look at your board confidence screen, there is a separate confidence bar just for wage budgets, if that is decreasing fast and it is affecting your overall confidence rating then they may do, if not, don't worry too much, just keep trying to get rid of players.

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    ... 2 million over your wage budget? Two players? How much are they earning?

    Because unless its 1mil a week, your wages must have been in awful stats before hand, or your board massively cut wages in the summer and you didnt notice.

    No help on offloading players though. I'm equally inept at it

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    Good results + poor finances = safe

    Bad results + poor finances = sack

    How are you doing?

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