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    Default [FM11] Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen...

    Welcome to my FM11 Journeyman Career Thread!

    Here's my game setup, starting in January 2011. 20 leagues in 10 nations. Large database on 11.3. 50000 players.

    Leagues Loaded

    England - The Home of Football. I will look to build my career up in the lower leagues early on.

    Spain - A country also known for its football heritage, I've enjoyed managing here in previous games.

    Italy - Even though it can be quite low scoring at time, these leagues have a history of big rivalries which I would like to experience.

    France - As a rule I don't particularly like the French, but I do like their cheese and pastries so would consider going here at some point.

    Germany - I will do almost anything for a Currywurst, so would definitely manage here!

    Brazil - Exciting football, even though the league structure is bonkers, would be exciting to manage here at some point.

    Argentina - Never managed here before, but always thought it could be a challenge.

    The Wildcards

    Mexico, South Korea and Russia - Having Mexico and South Korea loaded will give me opportunities to manage in other continental competitions that I don't normally play in. Russia is chosen as an alternative European league, and with it running Mar-Nov, it provides a different perspective to European football.

    Manager Ambitions

    Here's my starting manager profile, unemployed with Sunday League experience.

    - As a Liverpool supporter, I would want to take charge and restore them to their former glory as the biggest team in England. If I get to destroy Man Utd in the process, even better!

    - My 2 local teams are Southampton and Portsmouth, so I would like an opportunity to manage at least one of these clubs at some point.

    - With leagues on 4 continents loaded, I would like to win the Champions League (or equivalent) on all the different continents if the opportunities arrise.

    I will be updating 4/5 times a season including a pre-season and end-of-season update, with a couple of updates in the middle.

    And so it begins...
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