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btw i had never seen a team can hit a post 20 times in a season, but in 11.3 u can achieve it.

20 times in a season. I don't think that could be classed as excessive. The average top team plays what 45-50 games? So less than 1 every 2 games. Yeah thats really shocking. SI must take responsibility for completely and utterly ruining your life. I mean how dare they? I suppose you are one of the ones they forced at gun point to buy the game too? They are evil aren't they?
Or you could man up and deal with it.
These results happen. Have a look at the other sub forums that aren't GD, see how well people are doing with all kinds of teams in the GPTG or go and learn more about the game in the Tactics discussion forum. Just stop crying like a little girl.

EDIT: and don't swear at me. You utter fool.