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Thread: Pundit opinions and feedback.

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    Default Pundit opinions and feedback.

    We often watch MOTD, Goals on Sunday or the Football League show etc. and watch a former pro pick holes in a teams style of play. We also see this in every televised game we watch on the box.

    We do have ex players and former club favourites giving their advice on individual players to watch out for etc. in FM but maybe this is a feature that could be expanded upon?

    It's one thing to rely on what I see with my own eyes whilst watching the ME and another to listen to my assistant managers feedback. But maybe a former pro commenting on my teams inability to defend set pieces or or how my midfield struggle to close down the opposition would add something to this already great game.

    Fans, pundits and journalist all have opinions on real life football. Managers can choose to listen too or ignore and the odd comment or news article with the opinion that a paticular striker plays better as a Target Man or that you can't win anything with kids (certainly in the top leagues anyway) and is something that could really add depth to FM.

    Maybe we could have pundits added to FM with certain games or passages of play analysed tactically?

    I'm thinking text based comments and analyses. Nothing to flashy but more along the lines of how a certain player was able to pick out certain passes and that's why he got man of the match or that my defence plays to wide which is why my teams leaking goals etc.

    As I have only ever played FM in the lower leagues this feature may actually exist and I just haven't uncovered it yet but if not then maybe SI could think about introducing it.

    What do you think?

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    I think the problem with this may be that the former Pros don't really have 100% clue about what the team's morale is or what happened behind closed doors before a match. They can only comment upon what they physically can see. Sure they may criticise a poor performance but they wouldn't know about any personal reasons that may have affected a poor game (bust-ups in training, one the booze the night before, family problems). Whereas conversely the Ass Man would have a much better idea.

    That said, if this idea came with the option to repeatedly punch Jamie Redknapp then I'm sold!

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    Sounds like a good idea to me BRM.

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