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Thread: Older players persistently "fail to impress in training"

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    Default Older players persistently "fail to impress in training"

    And their attributes drop very fast, even mental ones. This is happening every month even though you're having a private chat about it every month and they apologise every single time. Yet nothing changes.

    What do you do? Get rid of such players?

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    They're getting older and declining, they simply can't sustain the levels younger players do. Have you tried giving them more rest between games? A day or two off training can help a lot with recovery and with prolonging their careers, train too hard for too long and it will take its toll especially as the players age. It's a bit limited by the capacities of the game at the moment that you really can't just stem the tide of decline, it will continue and the lower a players natural fitness the quicker he will decline usually.

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    have a private chat with them. older players will see their attributes drop but i find that if you have a quiet word and tell them to step their training up a gear they usually go a lot longer before dropping again

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