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    Default Why does a player transfer take so long?...

    IRL I mean? Not on the game, but some transfers take upto a week. Any ideas? What kind of process goes on?

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    Clubs get together, try to agree the transfer fee. How much money in how many months ? Sometimes clubs request a letter of guarantee.

    After that they contact with player's agents and player contact his family. If he has kids , he need to think their education etc.

    And there are some paper works needs to be sorted by Football Federation.

    If he is a foreign player, thats another story you know.

    After all is set, player needs to go a health check.

    When everything is ready, clubs are waiting the right time to announce the transfer, to most please their fans.

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    1 - Price established between clubs
    2 - Contract agreed with player at new club and very often negotiations re. ending existing contract, particularly if player is taking a pay cut
    3 - Contracts drawn up by solicitors and checked thoroughly, probably rewritten several times until correct
    4 - Player has to arrive at destination club (Logistics, helicopters, flight bookings, VISAs etc)
    5 - Immigration at destination country can also be an issue
    6 - Medical test, very often has to be booked at external medical centre
    7 - Medical results have to be analysed
    8 - Contracts physically signed
    9 - Paperwork and registrations submitted to FA of both clubs

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