Ok I've just thought up of two seperate suggestions right now playing the game.

1) Retain all registrations, training etc. of players you've bought on a loan clause. I just did the same with Bassong in my game, and thought it somewhat silly that I would have to re-register him and set him to training, despit him never actually leaving the club.

2) Make the competition rules available in the match screen, either at the Info tab or as a widget in the view mode. This would make it very handy to see away goals, e.t., etc. rules straight off, without having to leave the actual match.

Now neither of these things are very big, a matter of 5 seconds work with no. 1) and 15 with no. 2) (game timing out when moving in and out of match view). But I do think the game would flow a bit better if they were implemented.

Apologies if people have already pointed these out or if SI are already looking at them.

Also how do you set a tag on a thread, please?:confused: