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Thread: Conceding goals?

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    Default Conceding goals?

    Does anyone else feel like they are conceding too many goals?

    It's not even that I have a poor defence, but most of the goals I concede always seem really scrappy - I can't get a decent run of clean sheets going. It was the same with FM10 after the first patch.

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    I'm having troubles conceding too much as well.. but I think it's my D... don't know if the D code is bugged or my players simply aren't gelling...

    They aren't a great group but certainly not poor, yet they are leaving people completely unmarked or getting WAY out of position MANY times... loved seeing a striker standing right between both CB's just on the edge of the 18, neither move to mark him. Ball gets passed to that strike, he dribbles the ball in about 5 yards and scores the 1-on-1... neither of the CB's took a single step, literally, they just turned and watched.

    One of those CB's was my defender of the year in the same season of FM10, so it just makes you wonder.

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