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    Default Once again...

    This happened to me before and i posted a thread about it. Once again due to using the SuperBladesman database but not using all the leagues i've been entered into loads of non-league cups.

    They re-arrange the premier division games to fit around this, and due to my sucess, im now screwed... or am I?

    I lost against chelsea cos my youth team who i usually put out in the non league cups were all illegible and had to field 2 goalies as well as my actual goalie, and no subs. my 1st team were all too tired and decided i didnt care if i lost. Had i not lost to tottenham a few days earlier i woulda gone for it, and gone for whole season unbeaten, but i couldnt bebothered.

    here's my 1st team squad, who are suprisingly fit due to a good 5 day stint without any important games. that'll last...

    Ive played 80 games so far this season, and i wasnt even in the CWC cos i lost in champs league final last season. i have 11/12 more so could have gotten 100 if i really went for it. maybe next season...

    but yeah i just thogught people might be interested.

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    Lol .. that's a more jamm packed program then most Brazilian teams have, and that is a feet in itself.

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