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    Default [FM11] [Newcastle FC] - We've got something up our Slieve (Donard)


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    Nations/Leagues Loaded:

    Northern Ireland (ALL)
    Ireland (ALL)
    Scotland (ALL)
    Wales (ALL)
    England (ALL)

    France (Read-only top league)
    Spain (Read-only top league)
    Italy (Read-only top league)
    Germany (Read-only top league)
    Netherlands (Read-only top league)


    With the last Football Manager, I had three long saves that I spent most of my time (individually) with all year. I managed to complete the dafuge challenge with Dartford and play on for a good number of seasons. I then attempted Gundo's European Adventure Challenge with a unknown side Newington Y.C. and was making steady progress towards completing the final task when the save crashed. I wasn't going to give up easily so I reloaded and found myself at Ballycastle United - here I made the same progress (although not as much as the previous save) but by the time I had reached around 2018 I had lost interest for one reason or the other. I personally think I just starting thinking more and more about FM11 and the great new addition of DLR.

    So on one hand I'm dying to finally get a club from my home country, N.Ireland, into the Champions League and become a real massive franchise. However I also wish to maybe, have some sort of a journeyman career.

    I called it like this: I'll load all of the home nations and I will begin in N.Ireland. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be - either way. O and the only reason I haven't loaded the nations outside the UK & Ireland was because I legitimately don't believe I actually would myself even if I was a good manager in reality.


    And so I tried to think about if there was any club at all, or area of this country that I wanted to give some attention to. An area maybe that I love and therefore would put effort into their club moving to the next level. I had good think about it and I remember me and the other half love visiting Newcastle in Co.Down:

    Mainly for it's little seaside atmosphere and it's awesome hotel and restaurant, the Slieve Donard.

    And so I decided I would like to attempt to turn around the fortunes of Newcastle FC. The only issue I had was when contemplating how to get the pyramid enabled so I could work up from Newcastle's current position, I quickly remembered that we don't have a pyramid scheme outside the first three leagues (the playable leagues in FM) in reality.

    So to make things easier somewhat and for simply less hassle, I opened the editor for the first and only time with FM11 and swapped some random club in the Championship 2 with Newcastle FC.

    O and just to give you the general gist of it: They're dreadful. - one or two players, no staff, some money (no debt thank god) and a tiny pitch where they attempt to play the beautiful game.

    Let the fun/disaster begin!
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