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    Default FM11 - Continental Dominance Challenge

    The Aim

    The aim of this challenge is to win every continents equivalent of the Champions League. This will mean that you will have to download at least one created league to play in the Oceanic Champions League. You will need to win the following competitions to complete the challenge.

    1. OFC Champions League(Oceania){optional}
    2. Asian Champions League
    3. North American Champions League
    4. African Champions League
    5. Copa Libertadores
    6. European Champions League

    Where to download New Zealand file from?

    I got mine from here there are loads of leagues from all over the world to download and really customize your experience.

    Change of Rules

    Due to the amount of people experiencing crashes when using a New Zealand downloaded league I have decided that the O-League is an optional part of the challenge. This means you can complete the challenge by winning the other 5 champions league tournaments.

    Downloadable Leagues - Due to crashes when playing I recommend downloading and testing New Zealand leagues available in the editors forum

    The Rules

    1. Must start unemployed
    2. Must start with a reputation of Sunday League, Automatic or semi-professional
    3. Do not use FMRTE or Genie scout or any other 3rd party editors.
    4. Must accept one of the first 2 jobs offered to you.


    1. Keep us up to date with your progress.
    2. Attribute masking can be on or off.
    3. You can load as many leagues as you want or the minimum of one from each continent
    4. You can win the competitions in any order you want.
    5. National management is encouraged but totally optional.
    6. Player naming and any other type of advice is encouraged in the thread.
    7. It would be extremely helpful if you can link me to any created leagues you use in your set up so I can place them in this opening post.

    This challenge was a reasonably good success on FM10 as it was posted quite a fair bit after the game was released. I am hoping to get twice as many people involved as last year on FM10 only myself and pathtoamen succeeded in completing the challenge hopefully there can be more this season.

    My Career Thread for FM10 where I completed the challenge is in the careers forum. I can highly recommend people update their game in that forum of course keep us updated in this thread as well. I highly enjoy the use of that forum and a bit of shameless advertising feel free to check out my thread in there.

    I started this challenge after reading about it in the FMS forum. At the time I was not enjoying FM as much as I have in the past but experiencing the new leagues I had no idea about was great fun so hopefully when people do start to get bored of FM they can give this challenge a go.

    Good luck people.

    Hall of Fame

    I will post any progress of the people winning the trophies over the course of the challenge.
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