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    Default Gundo's FM11 European Adventure Challenge™

    Gundo's FM11 European Adventure Challenge™

    Welcome to Gundo's challenge for FM11, with the introduction of Dynamic League Reputation changes, it certainly gives this challenge a fresh different outlook than past versions.

    The History

    Gundo's European Adventure Challenge was first introduced as an alternative to the dafuge challenge back on FM06 after I had a brainwave one evening. It is essentially a 'small club to big club challenge' but just has a different name, I like to be different you see. It has unearthed some true diamonds - player-wise over the years, to name just one - the Swedish/Polish youngster Patrik Burda was just magical for many of us on FM06 and 07. In truth it's the participants of the challenge that make it what it is, with stories of success and some of failure. Hopefully the challenge will be around for many more versions yet.

    The Aim

    To take a small club who where previously unplayable in the game from the lower leagues to their Domestic League Title and Champions League crown (doesn't have to be in the same season). I realize it's not an easy challenge, but should be a lot of fun trying.

    The Set-up
    European Leagues you can't use:
    England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey and *Scotland.

    League reputations - Eligible nations below the line:
    England          185
    Spain            183
    Italy            172
    Germany          170
    France           160
    Russia           145
    Turkey           145
    Portugal         145
    Greece           142
    Netherlands      140
    Ukraine          135
    Belgium          130
    Switzerland      122
    *Scotland         122
    Romania          120
    Austria          120
    Israel           115
    Denmark          115
    Serbia           114
    Norway           110
    Poland           110
    Czech Republic   105
    Croatia          105
    Slovenia         100
    Slovakia         100
    Hungary          100
    Sweden           100
    Finland          98
    Belarus          92
    Iceland          90
    Bulgaria         85
    Ireland          60
    N. Ireland       50
    Wales            35

    Getting started
    Load a game with all the available divisions within the nation you have selected; only one nation is allowed.

    NEW You are free to use a Large, Medium or Small a database and
    you are permitted to load all players from your chosen nation however No additional players from any other nation should be loaded.

    Attribute masking should be enabled.

    The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference.

    Add yourself as an unemployed Manager (hol_man); the details are not important at all.

    Then go on holiday until the new seasons teams are generated (each country will be different). An example:
    Norway's is: 20th January. (Hint - saving the day before on 19th January for Norway, should give you a better choice of teams by being able to quit and reloading the game). This shouldn't take that long either. A list of rough dates for your relevant nation will be listed below.

    League re-set dates

    Austria - 23rd June.
    Belarus - 14th February.
    Belgium - 30th June.
    Bulgaria - 29th June.
    Croatia - 20th June.
    CzechRepublic - 30th June.
    Denmark - 5th July.
    Finland - 7th January.
    Greece - 19th June.
    Holland - 7th July.
    - 20th June.
    Iceland - 5th January.
    Ireland - 5th January.
    Israel - 20th June.
    - 19th June.

    Norway - 20th January.
    Poland - 30th June.
    Romania - 1st July.
    Serbia - 9th July.
    Slovakia- 1st July.
    Slovenia - 1st July.
    Sweden - 1st December.
    Switzerland -20th June.
    Ukraine - 18th June.
    Wales - 20th June.

    * These dates are taken from FM10, dates underlined have been confirmed as being correct for FM11 by other Users.

    Then retire your original manager profile.

    Add a new manager, the options/details are up to you but 'past experience' must be set as 'Sunday League Footballer' or if that reputation isn't available then you must then select 'Automatic'.
    I understand that choosing your nationality may have an effect later on, but I trust people will be sensible with this, I would expect people to use their own nationalities/second nationalities.

    Take over one of the newly promoted clubs to the lowest playable division within your selected nation. If you are not sure about which clubs have been promoted simply check last seasons league table and the new clubs will obviously be the clubs not in it. To make completely sure that the club is eligible, check the club's history of league positions, it should be blank for the previous season.

    It is completely up to you which club you choose, although please appreciate that some clubs may be easier to manage than others. example; Some clubs will have a full squad of players and staff, while others won't. Also some will have higher reputations than others making it easier to sign players ect. So choose wisely. The nation you've chosen to manage in will affect difficulty too.

    It is now up to you to manage your chosen club to their domestic title and to win the UEFA Champions League.

    You are not permitted to move between clubs unless you are sacked; whereby then you can either take over a newly promoted club to the lowest playable division next time the reset date comes round or simply quit your current save and start over.

    Any form of international management is not allowed, until you have completed the challenge.

    There are no restrictions on assigning feeder/parent clubs.

    Scouting Guidelines
    You can only sign players that you are able to scout or trial at the club first, so in short the player must have the 'Get scout report' button on his profile screen. The one exception to this is when you ask a current squad member to recommend a new signing, It is then ok to sign him as the player who recommended him knows of him anyway. NEW. If an agent offers you a player, it is ok to sign the player.

    No external utilities such as FMScout should be used and the database should be un-edited. Should SI release a data update, this would be allowed. It is advised that people should update using the latest patches as they are released.

    Rules for this Thread
    Player naming is allowed. (This is a warning for those of you who do not wish to see this)

    Discussion on tactics is allowed. (This is another warning for those of you who do not wish to see this)

    Screenshots for anything in-game are encouraged, as are youtube clips of matches ect. I will advise you to put video clips as links only though and not as a direct click and play type.This will keep the thread fairly clutter free and make browsing it quicker.

    When you join the challenge, could you post a screenshot of your manager's Personal screen on the date you take control at your new club.

    Progress of your club should be documented using this thread. We want to hear the story of your club all the way through (success or failure). So please keep us updated, even if you are doing really badly.

    At the end of every season, could everyone post some kind of season review, including the minimum of a screenshot of the league table. If you give this a title in bold it makes it a bit easier for others to pick out.

    How to Post a Screenshot

    1. While in FM, press the 'Prt Sc' button (usually next to F12 on your keyboard).

    2. Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image

    3. Save the file as a JPEG

    4. Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack

    5. Post the direct Url to the image here.

    Thanks for everyone's input recently, muchly apreciated.

    Good luck on your European Adventure!

    *Courtesy of Quackje you can now play
    Gundo's FM11 Challenge™ - Bonus Leagues Edition, sponsored by Quackje.
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