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    Me and my mate are trying to set up a network game together. When we started we were both at my house using the same internet connection which seemed to work fine.

    However, when he went home and try to load up the network game using his internet connection an error occurred, saying 'the connection to the server failed'.

    Does anyone know if you can play a network game from different houses under different internet connections or would we need to be in the same house under the same internet connection?


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    Get Hamachi mate. Here is the link You both want the unmanaged version. You also both want to untick move matches for TV and you need to run as server. If your running as server just create a new thing on Hamachi and then a password. Your mate then copies the new thing and then it should ask for a password and you give him that then you should be able to play. I dont know if you have to start a new game or not and when your mate joins. Im not sure if I have explained everything as my mate joined the game and I was the server.

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