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Thread: A few new suggestions to improve FM

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    Default A few new suggestions to improve FM

    1. I think it would be great if you can assign the players to run eg. 5KM,10KM,15KM
    Then after they run you see the best results in the squad and also it would be great to get a team report of each days training and it would give you a big report on who was good in training and who wasn't
    2 In the press conferences it would be nice to have a long list of 15+ possible replies
    3 Arrange a meeting with another teams manager who has a player your interested in and negotiate there

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    1. I don't get the run thing, why would you want to knacker you're players out before a game, I like the training report idea though, but once a week would be enough.

    2. Totally agree, not enough answers.

    3. Sounds good in theory, but how would it be different to just offering a bid?

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    1. is that maybe to judge the players fitness, or a pre-game warm-up?

    2. I don’t do these, but if there were more answers, that weren’t so predictable, I would consider it.

    3. ye, it does sound good in theory, but kind of pointless? I’d just put in a bid for the player.
    - Maybe live bidding in some circumstances?

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    I agree with number 2. but instead of having a large list I'd like to have 5 different options on how to answer the question, and within them 5 options 3 different answers. So basically if asked "What do you feel the strongest part of the team is" I go to the All positions button and then I get a choice of 3 answers-

    - I am fully confident in all areas of the team
    - There is no area of the team that particuarly shines for me
    - Every area of the team is strong and has strength in depth in my opinion

    But I understand it'd take quite a lot of time to put so many options into the game so improved press conference answers may not be included in FM11

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    1. Like flashback790 I don't get it

    2. I employ a good assistant and have him do the press conferences.

    3. Not sure about this. Do managers do this irl? If they have this in the game then whats the point of improving the agents part of the game.

    4. One thing I would like to see that isn't in the game as far as I can see is the employment of a club doctor. Surely a doctor would have a better idea of the extent of a players injury than a physio. I know you get the option of sending a player to see a specialist but since clubs have doctors on their staff I think they should be in FM as well.

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    1. Totally the only use I could think for this is when a player ****es me off and I want to punish him. In fact I want it included, great idea!

    2. It would work better than the current system.

    3. I prefer the way it will work in FM11.

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