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Thread: Java problem 10.5.2

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    I couldnt install FM 08 i looked forums i couldnt find an answer. My Java is up to date.

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    Have you tried all this below?

    The Installer will not run and / or I am getting a Java Error.

    In some cases you may be advised to try to uninstall any current Java version on your system, and install the latest version of Java from Sun. This describes how to do this.

    Uninstall Java Runtime Environment

    1. Click the "Start" menu.
    2. Click "Settings" and then "Control Panel".
    3. Double click "Add/Remove Programs".
    4. In the "Add or Remove Programs" dialog, scroll down until you find the program called "Java Runtime Environment".
    5. Click "Remove" to uninstall "Java Runtime Environment".
    6. When asked to confirm removing Java from the system, press "Ok".

    2. Install the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) manually

    1. Download the latest Java from Sun's Java download page.
    2. Install Java by double-clicking on the file you just downloaded, and follow the instructions.

    Uninstall the Java SDK

    1. If you have a Java SDK installed, then this may also be causing some problems in some cases.
    2. In this case, do the same as in step #1 above.
    3. Once in "Add/Remove Programs", choose to uninstall anything that starts with "Java".
    4. This should mean that, combined with #1 above, you now have not got any Java installed.
    5. Now Try to Run the FM08 Installer

    Install the latest Java SDK (JDK) manually

    1. As a last resort, you may want to try to install the full Java SDK (JDK) rather than the (smaller) Java Runtime Environment (JRE). In some cases this has been reported to help.
    2. Go to the Sun Java download page, and click "Download" for the latest "JDK Update" (Currently this is: "JDK 6.0 Update 3").
    3. You will be taken to a download page for the JDK installation.
    4. Click on the link that says "Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language".
    5. Download this file to your computer somewhere (e.g. the desktop, or another folder).
    6. Once the download has completed, double click the file you just downloaded.
    7. Follow the instructions in the Java installer dialog to install Java on your computer.
    8. Restart your machine once Java is installed.
    9. Now try to run the FM08 installer.

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