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Thread: Chairman Willing To Sell

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    Default Chairman Willing To Sell

    I'm in my 14th season with Man Utd. 7 Leagues, 2 Champions Leagues, 5 FA Cups, 5 League Cups.

    Just noticed the other day that David Gill has changed his stance to "Willing to Listin to Offers for the Club"

    Does this mean that the club is more than likely definately going to be sold soon? If so how long does the transfer embargo usually last for? And considering my record and on the Legend's Liist of the club, is it likely i'll keep my job?

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    Transfer embargo will be for as long as is seen fit. Weeks or Months usually. And if someone came in with a reasonable offer for the club, he would be willing to listen to it, not nessercarily sell. So if it was in the best interests for the club

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