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Thread: High shot rate

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    Default High shot rate

    But poor finishing

    sometimes im getting 15 shots on goal with 3 on target and half of them are long shots..

    i do take down the creative freedom and i tick work into box
    but its seems i still have very poor finishing.. even though io have world class stikers (Regens)

    any tips

    cause im ot hitting th nest even with all the shots

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    Default Re: High shot rate

    Give instructions for everyone to take long shots rarely, for starters. Long shots look absolutely cracking when they go in, but in general their accuracy is rubbish and even when they are on target, the keeper's more than likely got it covered.

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    Default Re: High shot rate

    Chances are the long shots are a result of your players lacking options in the pass. Narrowing your width, lowering their forward runs and reducing their mentality are a few ways in which you may be able to solve your problem. There are others that should be fairly obvious after you've diagnosed the source of your problem using the analysis tool.

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