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Thread: Do your players follow your instructions

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    Default Do your players follow your instructions

    I am playing in a tight game and early in the second realise that a set piece may be the only way to win, I also noticed that their goalie flaps a little when put under pressure. So I instruct all free kicks to aimed at best header, in the hope that a) he may nod in a goal or b) knock it on to my poacher to score.

    So anyway still tied at 0-0 entering last few minutes of the game we win a free kick out wide and I'm thinking heres the chance to see if my tactics will work. My appointed player steps up to take the kick and has a crack straight at goal skyrocketing it over the bar just like he had been doing with his long shots the whole game. I checked the instructions to make sure I hadn't made a mistake in the tacital setup, I hadn't.

    Why did my player ignore my instructions?

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    Default Re: Do your players follow your instructions

    no, they ignore my instructions, when i want them to win they don't so they dont follow instructions. so annoying

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