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Thread: 10.3 Keeper Goes Berserk

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    I am on about my 5th year playing as Notts County. Schmeichel is still my keeper and has been solid throughout his career. I have watched hours and hours of play by Notts and Schmeichel and I have never seen anything like this. This is hard to describe, but my opponents send a pass down their left side on my side of the pitch and about half way between midfield and the corner. Schmeichel then sprints about 30-35 yards away from the goal, towards midfield (but not anywhere near the location of the ball or any threatening attacker) and then freezes. The ball is 20 yards behind him when he stops. The opponents easily score on an angled shot. I have never seen anything so bizarre from the match engine. I would provide a video if I knew how to do it. This is my third match since 10.3 has been installed. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?

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    I have Belec who has always played average 7.0 - 7.5 with lot of good with 10.3 he is ready to become a clown in the local circus...when opponents shot outside the net he flyies few meters to curve the ball into his own net, twice on last 3 matches, simply ridicolous, I would say outrageous instead.

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    I'm noticing some extremely shoddy goal keeping on 10.3. Looks like SI could well have gone from one extreme to another.

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    I aint see anything as bad as this but i've scored few time while i been in the box and the keeper has moved out of the way, strange. Nearly happened to me but never conceeded through it funninly enough the opposition skied it. But is something which will be looked into.

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