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Thread: Bosman - with a fee?

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    Default Bosman - with a fee?

    I was delighted to pull off what I think is a huge coup for my club by snatching a player called Sandro from the clutches of CSKA Moscow.

    I did this through the "Approach to Sign option", in December 2016; his contract running out on 31.12.16.

    He is 27.

    However I was amazed to see when he joined me that I paid 8.5m for him in compensation!

    Can anybody explain why? I thought players >24 were compensation free?

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    Default Re: Bosman - with a fee?

    The Bosman ruling only applies to EU countries, which obviously doesn't include Russia. Different countries and regions have their own specific rules for this, although I've no idea what they are exactly in Russia though.

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