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Thread: 30 - six months later...

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    Thumbs down 30 - six months later...

    Anyone else finding the current ME makes the game unplayable? I bought this game on release date, have been eagerly awaiting each patch in the hope the ME would improve.

    It's reasonable to think the game should be playable when I buy it, not when SI finally fix it!

    Tonight I have a decision to make, I'm thinking of giving up on the FM series and doing something else with my time. The last two games have felt like a constant battle against bugs.

    Maybe it's time to move on?

    Sad times

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    Default Re: 30 - six months later...

    Wow, another one of these threads.. Do you really need random people on the internet to give you advice on what you should do with your life?

    Either accept the game as it is or quit and find a new hobby. It's not really that complicated.

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    My suggestion would be to wait for the next patch if you're really unhappy.

    In the meantime - as it's obvious what this thread will become, I'm going to close it...



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