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Thread: What is more memory-intensive

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    Default What is more memory-intensive

    What uses more memory - leagues or nations?

    I wanna load about 7-8 nations, but only the top 1 league in both (bar Italy and England where I'll go down to Serie B and the Championship)

    But say for example I loaded 3 from Italy, 3 from England and 3 from Spain - would that be the same effect on game speed as loading 9 nations with 1 league, or would it be the same?

    Quick answers would be appreciated as I wanna start a new game tonight


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    Default Re: What is more memory-intensive

    The amount of players has more to do with game speed than the amount of leagues/nations you load, but it's not possible to load just 3 leagues from Italy or Spain since their 3rd tiers have multiple leagues.

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